Why Us

Scottsdale Martial Arts Center, Inc. operates under the same philosophy that is taught to its students, “mediocrity is not acceptable.” We do not accept mediocrity with our staff, facility, curriculum or training equipment. We strive to be the best in the industry in all facets of our operation.

This center is the oldest school in Scottsdale and we believe we are the only one that is non-contractual. You will not find a staff anywhere with more experience and passion for teaching martial arts than at our facility. Unlike other martial art schools that are small in size and offer one training floor, our spacious facility features:

  • 3 training floors
  • Separate men and women changing rooms
  • Sibling play room
  • Plenty of seating to view training

Though we are a traditional school with a curriculum that spans back to the 17th century, we use the latest technology in computer and video equipment to help our students improve to the highest level at the fastest possible rate.

If you ever feel that we are falling short of these standards, please see me personally in this matter.

Sensei Ray Hughes

Teaching Philosophy and Presentation of this Karate Program

By: Sensei Ray Hughes
Scottsdale Martial Arts Center Owner and Chief Karate Instructor

School Motto: “We Teach the Ancient Ways to the Modern World.”

This is a traditional Karate school, which means we have a long martial art history with an old and proven training system. This school has an unbroken instructor line that dates back to the 17th century. The teachings of this art are based on discipline, high level technique, philosophy and hard work. In this aspect, we are unlike many schools that are based on entertainment and quick rewards. Our presentation is truly unique. Though we run an old and formal program, we also smile and enjoy ourselves. We don’t strike students with a shinai (bamboo swords) like what was done in ancient times. However, we do have age and time requirements like the old systems. It is logical that age and maturity should be required to award legitimate ranks in Karate. Unlike the past, we do not put our instructors on pedestals. We are friends with our students and hope to be mentors to the young. We are all students of the art. Respect is earned and not demanded. Martial art history and philosophy are discussed but never lectured. Martial art training is an honorable way of life.